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Enterprise industry base:

Sales network:
Successively in AliExpress, EBAY, Alibaba international standing, Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, good harmony mall, CCTV's mall.

In 2012, WEIDE and English brand into the e-commerce industry.
In November 2012, it has Tmall WEIDE watch flagship store and Taobao shop. WEIDE location began to put into trial operation.
The R&D team
The Gateway R&D team has more than 20 people, the development of man multifunctional double movement watches have four years, focus on multifunction diving, with Europe and the United States and the design of the research and development team, has been leading men multifunctional divers watch.

Our Product Advantage

Weide is ambitious to be the man multi-functional sports diving watches, we firmly believe that only concentration can make best. Even before 2012, WEIDE started to focus on Brand designs in details, such as: Package, Materials, Colors etc, helping us building better Men’s Sport watch match with branded appearance, and registered many unique design patent. In 2012 & 2013 year, WEIDE watch won 2 time sales champion under watch category and achieved most popular & favorite Men’s sport watch Certification in Aliexpress. In 2015, 2016 & 2017 , we attended HongKong Watch and Clock Fair--Salon de TE, which greatly help us promoting our brand. Through 3 times watch fair, WEIDE Watch brand has been greatly recognized in the international market. our movement adopts imported movement, as accurate, only we always have professional level completes the double movement. And in every series of powerful features: LED a series of functions: function is introduced: the LED display system, alarm, T2, 12/24 hour time (including quartz pointer time), hours, minutes, seconds, year (calendar range 2000-2099), month, day, week display. LCD series features: EL cold light illumination, 12/24 of the hourly, stopwatch, alarm clock hour, T2 time (including quartz pointer time), hours, minutes, seconds, month, day, week display.led_2             lcd_1                                                                                                       

Quality Control

Quality assurance
Each of quality watches Gateway has passed strict inspection. Each watch has QC after six times:
Accessories QC (incoming QC): check watches accessories, including band, literally, movement, pointer, watch case.
Assembly QC: every watch assembly beside the teacher will have a quality inspector, master assembly loaded watchcase, inspectors responsible for inspection;
QC test water: each watch after vacuum test machine for testing, testing the quality of waterproof.
Into table watchcase QC: check each one into a table of literal watchcase, mirror surface scratches, the casing scratches, walking, button, LED LCD showed that qualified products will be after 2 days of temperature table area, walking to check again in 2 days. Warehouse, QC, warehouse personnel in the warehouse when strict check watchcase literal, mirror surface scratches, the casing scratches, walking, button, LED LCD shows, strap, clasp. Qualified table will be put in storage.
QC: delivery to the warehouse after collect goods, after a comprehensive inspection including the literal watchcase, literally PU, mirror surface scratches, the casing scratches, walking, button, LED LCD shows, strap, clasp, simulate shock testing, qualified before shipment.
And professional waterproof test, to ensure the power quality.




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All Dealers Of WEIDE

Dear all dealers of WEIDE:
Hope your business goes well.
We are WEIDE brand, also the only WEIDE trademark holder.
First of all ,we’re very appreciate for all your trust and supports to WEIDE.
Recently, fake WEIDE watches was found to sold and very low prices were found to present ,which not only disturbed the watch market but also harmful to our high-quality authorized dealers. According to the more serious illegal patent infringement, from now on, whatever companies or personal sellers selling WEIDE watches online or offline , must comply with the signed contract by WEIDE Brand , otherwise we will make thorough investigation, and take legal actions directly.
Legal representative: GuangDong MuDuo Law Firm
Tel of WEIDE Legal Department:020-26289286
Please stop any infringement action immediately if you have been made.
Thank you!
Brightec group
Guangzhou WEIDE watch Co.,ltd
September 18th ,2015